Friday, June 18, 2010


It has been over a month since I have found the strength to post to the lucky cast club.  As my friend Chrissy wrote in the last post I have been suffering from PTCD.  So here is the update.  William is in Cast #3.  It was applied May 10, 2010 at 16 months old.  William achieved 10 degrees in cast with no change out of cast.  It was the no change out of cast that was the hardest to deal with.  I think I realized in my downward spiral, I have no control over what his tiny spine does.  I had to pull myself up and find Control over something.  It started with simple concepts and has since grown. 

We always do a toy drive for our trips to Chicago.  This has been small to date.  Our last drive was with a fabulous group of women from my mom and Aunt Sally's book club.  They were able to collect 3 shopping bags full of new unwrapped toys and books.  The hospital was so thankful for the donation and it brought so much joy to so many little Shriner's patients.  Well the toy drive has grown thanks to my brother in law.  Expressway Auto dealers has agreed to help us with our summer toy drive efforts.  They are going to set collections centers up at each of their dealerships.  We will be collecting new unwrapped toys, books, videos, portable DVD players, & new Britax carseats.  This is going to be wonderful! 

In the search for a Britax carseat for a tiny cast club member, we stumbled on several gently used Britax seats.  One of my dear friends found a couple more.  She then proposed collecting these seats, safety certifying them and distributing them to cast families.  Carseats4casters was then born.  This program is in the early stages of starting, but so are most great ideas!  This new project has given me the next burst of energy I need and a renewed feeling of worth.  Stay tuned for more information on carseats4casters! 

I still can't control many things in my little lovey's life.  I can't change his physical health, but in all the things I can't control I have found so much good in the things I can control.  William's journey can help others. There is so much positive to come from this crazy condition. 

Love to my friends and family. Thank you for holding my hand while I was wallowing in self pity.  I can't promise I won't find the darkness again, but I will promise to let you all know when I see it creeping my way.  Spread sunshine all over the place and put on a happy smile!