Monday, January 17, 2011

A song on his soul

It's funny when you stop to think about your children.  Cody was born with a kind heart and a giving spirit.  It has helped shape who he is as a person.  He is one of the kindest children God could have created for our family.  He is patience in a storm and laughter on a rainy day.  William in contrast is my Iron Will.  He is the energizer bunny always on the go.  As he has turned from baby to toddler I have also noticed he was born with a song firmly planted on his soul.  He can take a dark day and sing it away.  William has an appreciation for all music whether it be elmo, beatles, glee, or jazz and blues.  I was looking back on our first visit to the OR the other day and one of the best memories I had was sitting in the pre-op holding room singing a song as he drifted off to sleep.  Each visit to the OR has ended the same...William says mommy sing.  The OR staff has always smiled as they watch a rather strangled voice singing softly to her baby boy as the Versed takes it effect.  I have songs that are special to each of my boys.  Cody was always "Good Morning Beautiful" and William was Martina McBride " Born to give my love to you". 

I am reflecting on our next trip to Chicago.  Two weeks and counting.  I have to say it's been the song in his soul that has kept me going somedays.  A year and a half of casting and no end in sight.  With that said, I wouldn't change a minute of the song for anything in the world.  I was born to give my love to my kids and we will keep singing through the storm...I think it will make the sunshine at the end all the more sweet.