Thursday, August 12, 2010


Without sharing to much I felt the need to post tonight.  Cast number 4 is nearing the finish line.  We are 6 weeks into our 10 week marathon.  The home stretch for this cast I guess you can say.  In the home stretch of any race you need to find your pace and keep the goal in mind.  Focus is the key.  Many of those in our Chicago family have had distraction thrown into our focus.  Once again in true Chitown Sister fashion the girls pulled together, shared resources, listened to venting & offered new insight.  Once again they gave me grounding. 

I have fought my family and friends kicking and screaming who offered prayer as the answer.  In the beginning I thought sure prayer is a part, but research is the answer.  Knowledge is power, right?  Yes, but to much knowledge is sometimes counterproductive.  So this evening I let go and gave it to a higher power to figure out.  In this I found serenity & I found answers.  Whatever our final decision in Williams care, he will be in the hands of a higher power.  We will find the questions that still need answers and peace in the questions that will not have answers.  One door will close in his care in November, but a new door will open.  We have been given a gift to have a second set of gifted eyes review our child's care, a second set of hands to place on his spine. 

This week has been trying for not only us and our Chicago family, but for so many others in our life.  I think this is a lesson learned for me.  I hear you!  I will learn to listen when you speak and listen when I tend to react.  Blessings to my friends who have endured their own trials this week.  Your strength has given me perspective.  Be patient I am still a work in progress.