Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Dreaming

Ahhhh finally a week to enjoy my sweet boys all to myself.  This has been a first for our family this summer.  We have been blessed to have extras with us since the last week in May, but I have to say it is nice to finally have a little time to connect with my boys and settle into a summer routine.  I have learned so much about my boys in our time together, a first since either has joined our family.  Up until February 2011 I was a working mom and summers meant figuring out who was going to watch the boys, which activities they were going to have on which day and what was necessary to pack for their weeks enjoyment.  Although I enjoyed the friendships I had in working, I have to say staying with the boys is the most rewarding experience of my life.  I find myself enjoying the moments that I used to take for granted.  Something as simple as playdoh or drawing at the kitchen table to me is a heavenly event.  Another wonderful moment of our new lives has been family dinners.  Family dinners used to be a Sunday evening event at my sisters house.  I now host family dinners at least once a week if not more and have had the pleasure to share these with both sides of our family.  We are all finding such amazing joy in our family!  Last night after dinner we went with my sister in law and gorgeous niece and nephew to the park to feed the ducks.  Another cherished moment.  I am learning to look at life with a new reflection.  Gone are the dreams of the material things that brought no value to our lives. 
          Yesterday my beautiful friend Chrissy posted a heartwarming blog about their journey thus far and the joy of family and emotions that were churned by their first family trip to the beach.  They were one of many Lucky Cast Club families who found renewal in the sand in the last couple of weeks.  The photos and Ah Ha moments that were found at the oceans edge were nothing short of miraculous.  A sense of nurture, joy and once again apprehension seemed to be the theme of so many stories.  We are two weeks and two days from our departure to the healing edge of the ocean.  I am fighting tears thinking of what Crescent Beach has been to our family.  It was the beach my husband and I adopted long before our children were in our lives and the first beach we took Cody to as a baby.  It seems only fitting it provide hope and healing for a very tired family.  We are traveling with 13 other family members and know the week will be filled with craziness and sheer joy as we traverse a home with 17 people and 2 bathrooms.  Thank goodness there are a ton of boys who can pee in the sand! With all that said I wouldn't dream of having this vacation be anything less then the vibrant atmosphere it is guaranteed to be.  With all the noise and constant laughter there is no way I will have time to dwell on cast #9 that awaits us in Chicago on our return.  A little happy noise is only adding to my summer dreams! 

I am going to leave you with a song.  Please be sure to read Chrissy's post on our blog.  It was dated yesterday and is sure to warm your heart! 

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