Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Frustration and heartbreak

I knew about how summer and casting were like oil and water....they didn't mix well! I was going to be proactive about this and try to not prohibit Massimo from missing out on summer fun... Including water activities. My mother-in-law made a vinyl water resistant smock for Massi that had Velcro at the crotch and in the back. So we had him in a swim diaper, swimming trunks, a swim shirt, and the smock. He was able to go in a sprinkler and not get the cast wet! I was so happy that he wouldn't miss out on all the water fun all summer.
This weekend we went to my sister's camper and they had a 18 inch pool. We put all the items on him and as soon as my husband got him there, he slipped and fell face first into the water! My husband picked him up and we knew the cast was wet! We went back and try to dry him off. massi ended up with such chaffing from the water getting the cast wet and dripping down to the bottom of the cast.He woke up in the middle of the night screaming in pain.... I felt awful!!!
The next day my husband decided to ensure he would stay dry. He put a garbage bag over his top half and tucked it in at the bottom of the cast. He then put one on from the bottom, cut room for his legs and taped the bags together! Then put all the addition things I mentioned above on! I felt so frustrated and sad! I have to resort to garbage bags so my son can be in the water! This wasn't fair! At that moment I hated scoliosis and the cast!!!! I couldn't relax because I was a nervous wreck the whole time worrying he would fall in and our garbage bag idea failed. As I saw all the other kids freely frolicking in the water,I became resentful and depressed! I cried later that night thinking about how much more am I going to be able to handle with Massi and this summer!My aunt hugged me and said to just think about how close he is to being straight and how well casting has worked for him. She reminded me that he won't be like this forever. I started to feel a little better and just looked at my Massi! He always has the best disposition and no one would think he was going through all the things he is right now! He is my motivation...my strength....my reason for having faith in casting. Anytime we mention his cast, he proudly lifts up his shirt and says, "cast"! it is as if he knows it is helping and he proudly shows everyone!

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