Monday, September 19, 2011

Learning and Growing

I received a friend request on facebook Friday from someone named John Scoliosis Isdell.  In my half sleep riddled mind I was thinking who would give their child the middle name Scoliosis, sick people.  I then clicked on his profile and realized he used the Scoliosis to get my attention.  It worked.  John and I are now friends on facebook.  As I perused John's profile I clicked on links which lead me to his web page: I don't know how John found me on facebook but I have to believe it was divine intervention.  John is a Scoliosis patient who was diagnosed at the age of 14 years old with a curve that progressed rapidly in a short time frame.  He is a survivor of rod surgery and has chosen to make his mission in life to improve the lives of those living with Scoliosis and raising awareness for the condition.  Already John and I are kindred souls.  As I continued to read further and click on more links, I found that John is in the process of creating a safe haven in Chicago for families enduring spinal surgery to recover in the comfort of a home he will call Scoliosis House.  WHAT AN AMAZING idea.  If you have been with the Lucky Cast Club since it's inception, you might remember the blog that was the catalyst to movement.  It was a long rant where I laid out my dream for us as patients living with Infantile Scoliosis. My biggest and most outlandish wish was for the Lucky Cast Club house for patients coming in for casting to have a home and haven to relax our night before OR.  Um had me at hello, tear. 

After reading so much about John it was time to write my first Dear John letter.  I have reached out to John first and foremost to thank him for having the tenacity and courage to create something so amazing for families in Chicago as well as world wide.  I then offered to help him in whatever small way I can.  I shared a little about our Lucky Cast Club family and shared a few statistics with him regarding what our children are facing.  He replied and thanked me for sharing William's story and the Lucky Cast Club.  It is in the front of my mind to see if and how the LCC and Scoliosis International can join forces.  We know little about Juvenile Scoliosis and he knows little about Infantile Scoliosis, we have similar goals and platforms, and we both seem to be passionate about reaching others affected by the Demon Scoliosis.  I will keep you all apprised of where and how we can help each other.  In the meantime, please check out his web page. If you can donate to the Scoliosis House, please keep them in mind.  This is an amazing opportunity to have a truly tangible role in easing the pain families face when dealing with surgical intervention.  Today I thank who ever lead me John Scoliosis Isdell.  If we never have further correspondence, just knowing he had an idea and was able to see it through to reality has encouraged me to keep moving forward, learning and growing. 

Catie ScoliosisSucks Diefenbaugh

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