Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Write what you know

I had my post for this week all planned.  I was going to write about what the club is doing and where we are going.  I promise I will still get to that, but I thought it was important to share where I am right now with other families dealing with this darned condition.  I wrote last week about losing my job.  This week my focus has been on finding myself and learning what I want to do long term.  As a condition of unemployment I have to actively search for employment.  As I have been starting my search, it hit me, I have many obstacles in my way.   So here goes my first cover letter....

Dear Sir or Madame,
         I am submitting my resume for the position of _________.  Upon researching your company I feel I would be an ideal candidate for your position.  I have 6 years experience as a Practice/Office manager for local dental practices.  My previous experience as Director of Operations for a fortune 500 company has taught me how to multi task to smoothly maintain the needs of my employer.  I always try to adapt to change in my environment and have learned tenacity when dealing with adverse situation.  I am proficient with Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Publisher as well as have an ease with verbal and written communications.  If given an opportunity I believe I could be an asset to your organization. 
        I feel I would be remiss if I didn't alert you to my unique situation. I am a wife and mother prior to having a career.  My youngest child has a unique condition known as Progressive Infantile Scoliosis.  He is currently undergoing treatment at Chicago Shriner's Hospital using a technique known as Serial De-rotational Casting.  William's treatment requires our family to travel every 10-12 weeks to Chicago for 2-3 days to have a new full torso cast applied.  In the past I have forgone week long vacations to minimize the impact of my absence on my company.  I will instead take vacation 1 or 2 days at a time as needed to have  a new cast applied.  I would appreciate further discussion once you have reviewed my skills. 

Catherine T Diefenbaugh

OK so maybe the last part was unnecessary, but the reality is the conversation will have to take place at some point.  Why not put it out there in the beginning.  Save me time as well as them.  I am, at this moment, a whole package.  I don't have the luxury of finding something and having my family adapt to me, I have to adapt to my family.  I was extremely blessed that my former employer always supported me spending time with William.  I can't count on that being the same everywhere I look.  It forces me to look at my strengths.  I am compassionate towards families in need.  I have a passion for fundraising for local charities.  This has been a passion of mine passed on from my mom.  I am blessed to have a ready made opportunity with The Lucky Cast Club.  I love children...back to school is always on the table.  I can write and I love to write.  These are my strengths, now to look at whats available using my talents. 

I have researched grant writing.  The process is long and in depth.  The joy is I have time and a built in cause.  I am researching what it would take to get the Lucky Cast Club 501C3 certified so we can start seeking funds.  We are at the articles of incorporation faze of taking our club to the next level so we can start seeking funds.  We need a compassionate attorney willing to walk us through this process.  It is too much for any one individual to embark on, although I am giving it a fighting try.  The other option is to seek funds in the premise of setting up our charitable fund.  If we can raise $10,000 there are organizations who will incorporate us to their charitable trusts.  The other side to this coin, if we have that kind of funding we can pay to do this on our own.  I have great friends who are working this process with us, so together we can't lose. 

I started at looking for a job and ended with the LCC.  I think families faced with diversity learn quickly to adapt to their strengths.  I am sure I am not the first mother who has had to look for a job when they have obstacles in their way.  My friend Cathy was faced with a very similar situation and was able to overcome and achieve her goal.  What I am wanting to do is use what felt like such a blow as an opportunity.  I have something to offer and I just need to find an avenue to do so.  I have felt lost the past year and a half, now it is time to find myself.  In all the chaos that has been my life I feel more complete than I ever have.  I have a purpose and that is a blessing in itself. 

A huge Thank you to My wonderful husband who has agreed to love me no matter what I do.  To Chrissy, Sarah, Darrell, Liz & other friends who have kept me focused on the positive of all this.  I am anxious to get started on the next step in this journey towards discovery and I know I am blessed to have friends who are willing to participate.  The best use of your time is taking the time for you.

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