Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Long Road

Summer is heating up and we are settling in to the long road in casting called summer.  We celebrated the Memorial Day weekend with family and friends starting with my niece Emily and her best friend Keaghan's graduation party at the Holland's home Saturday evening.  Our beautiful friends opened their home to both families.  It was a fabulous evening of friendship and celebration of the milestone for both these fabulous kids.  High School here they come.  The Hollands have a fantastic backyard complete with a wonderful pool.  The older kids were told no swimming until William went home and we originally tried to keep William occupied in the house.  Upon reflection, I decided this was not fair to the older kids and it was time to level with William about some realities in his little life.  The kids all began to swim and William wanted to see what was outside that he must be missing.  I opted to level with William....William the kids are swimming in a pool.  You can't get in the pool because of your cast, if you want to put your feet in the water and watch the kids I will take you out there.  He said yes and splashed his feet in the water for close to 45 minutes.  He came home happy and tired.  He loved his version of swimming.  His Ma Holland told him when he gets his cast off in July he can come swim in the water.  He was content with this. 
         The option to level with my two year old at first seemed scary, but William amazes me in his understanding of his life.  This is a long road with many unknowns, knowing I can talk to him and he finally understands is such a milestone.  Amen to the tiny miracles. 
         The club is taking huge steps and we have so many goals in our future.  The event hosted in Chicago by the Giunta family was a wonderful step toward achieving some of our immediate goals.  Next wish for the club will be the Mom's weekend.  I am hoping to combine the donations from the Chicago event and the donations from the Upcoming Ladies Night at Escape Salon to coordinate a late summer/early fall Mom's weekend for all club families.  It is important to embrace the camaraderie of others living the same life and recharge the batteries for these brave moms.  It will be a great weekend to continue to plan our next moves for this growing group. 
       I am working with Chrissy Miller and her family to expand our impact to help others with needs beyond Infantile Scoliosis.  Chrissy recently made mention she felt a call to help those in Joplin, MO.  I also had felt a calling to give.  With the help of her family, we are working to organize a Boxes of Hope campaign to allow the Lucky Cast Club to touch other families in need.  We will keep you posted on the efforts of our group to fill the Boxes with as much hope in the form of goods for families who are facing insurmountable loss. 

To leave you with a quote....
No man stands as straight as when he stoops to help a child
Knights of Pythagoras

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