Friday, March 5, 2010

Class without Cash

Shopping for clothing for a child in cast is sometimes like a uphill battle.  The sizes seem to change with each cast and finding clothes that will fit over the cast is sometimes tricky. With spring/summer approaching the time came for another wardrobe change.  Anyone who knows our family know 2 things about us, 1.) I love to shop and love to dress my kids in nice clothes, 2.) My husband could care less what either boy wears, although he prefers camo and comfort.  Last summer Williams wardrobe consisted of John john shortalls in seersucker prints and Shirtalls in assorted nautical or coastal prints.  If it had a crab, lobster, boat, or anchor it was on his cute little butt.  Last night I attended our semi annual parent clothing swap night.  A large group of parents prepare and tag nicer clothes to sell to each other.  Williams wardrobe from last spring/summer consisted of many precious articles.  I am sure they were snatched up and will be worn by another little angel this summer.  I like the thought of my hardwork and dedication to shopping being shared by another parent/child.  Ok so here comes the kicker: I had a babysitter, time to look, and a very specific idea of what his summer wardrobe would consist of.  The downside, my specific thoughts didn't seem to translate to his current cast condition.  John Johns are precious, but have lining in them that is too tight around his bulky cast.  I even looked up in the 2T section and found very little to match my idea of what he should wear.  I refuse to compromise, but fear the wardrobe of last year will not work this summer.  I picked up a couple of overall outfits and shorts with T-shirts, but I still haven't felt the feeling of accomplishment that came with last summers wardrobe.  I refuse to give up without a fight.  I believe my child can still have class without having to drop alot of cash.  So the hunt will continue.  Keep us in mind as you pass the seersucker and crabs.  We will find the perfect fit without resorting to Camo!  I will try to post some pics of our purchases later! 

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