Monday, March 1, 2010

Four letter words

There are a few things that strike fear in the lives of cast parents like poop and puke.  Between Friday and today we have been faced with both.  Friday night started like any other Friday.  William had shots Friday morning.  I picked three kids up from the Rosary and headed to the mall for a little retail therapy, then dropped 2 off at their home, planned dinner with my father in law to drop Cody off with Granddad.  We tried a new BBQ place on the westside for something different.  Dinner was great, Catfish fiddlers for the Catholics in the group, grilled cheese for the littlest William.  Dinner was over and I took the big guy to the bathroom.  Before we finished I heard the little William start crying and hurried Cody along.  When I exited the bathroom, the scene had unfolded, Big William, my father in law, was holding little William and the entire left side of his black shirt was covered in white.  "What the heck is going on" was the only thing I could think.  Daddy was holding a pile of paper towels, the owner was frantic and other guests were gagging.  Oh yeah William had puked everywhere.  I grabbed him as Chad started to gag, we left the diner, Granddad went to the bathroom to remove his shirt and Daddy paid the check and ran.  The owner actually said come back again, goodness knows the man was just being nice.  We practically cleared his establishment on a Friday night.  Fevers all night and most of Saturday.  Sunday was thankfully uneventful.  Jump to Monday morning....
       Monday morning promised to be a race.  Chad had a client he had to meet at work early.  I had two kids to get moving so everyone was on time.  In order to get my shower, I put Elmo on in the living room for little man.  I took a quick shower and went to the living room to check on the Elmo addict.  I smelled it long before I entered the room.  No big deal I thought, we have been lucky so far with it not exiting the diaper.  Placed little britches on the changing table and thought I will change him, dress him and then blow dry my hair.  Unzipped the sleeper to unholy hell.  Poop everywhere!  Up the cast, on the cast, around the cast.  Oh S&*t.  Chad!!!!  Help!!!!  We tried to wipe what we could, but the poop was up to his mid back.  Chad went to get the cleanser, a bowl of water, a rag, new tape and cotton.  We untaped the sweater that was designed to protect their skin from the layer of cotton and guaze that is then covered by plaster and finally fiberglass.  The plaster and cotton can't get wet so this gets tricky.  Pull the sweater out as far as it will stretch and until you can't see poop anymore.  This is usually a little ways up but you can always find clean white sweater, not today.  We ended up having to floss wipes through the hole on the side to try to fish poo from the upper portion of his back.  Once you have the poop out the best you can it is time to cleanse the sweater without getting the cast wet.  Very hard job.  Once it is as clean as it will get you have to blow dry the sweater, replace the cotton padding the edge and retape the entire thing.  It was a 45 minute job with everyone involved being late going where they need to be.  When I finally reached work late I had the feeling as if I was a rubber band ready to snap all day. Thankfully I work with good people they embraced my inner witch and let me have my day. 
      As you see these two four letter words can conjure so many other four letter words that I won't say on a family blog.  William has earned his nickname "Stink" this weekend.  I pray this is it for the week.  My weekend blog will need to be sunshine and roses to make up for the four days we have just been through!  If the smell doesn't subside soon, I will resort to febreezing the baby!  

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