Friday, March 12, 2010

Toddler Terrors

I often question what is worst the hormones of a teenager or the terrors of the toddler.  Although we have recently witnessed both with Madame Emily, I have to conclude the terrors of a toddler are far more fierce.  Presumably innocent, the toddler is a force to be reckoned with.  They are cute and cuddly one minute and out of control the next.  You can reason with a Teen, where the toddler is often unconsolable.  We are facing this on a daily basis in our house.  Although it would be easy to relate behavior to his cast, I have come to realize this cast has little to do with our recent outbreaks of terror.  William is hellbound on two feet now.  The crawl at least slowed him down.  Oh how quickly they go from toddling to running when there is something he really wants.  No longer will he let us carry him to the car instead he throw his weight around and yells "awk" which means put me down you stupid cow and let me walk.  I have almost dropped him more times in the past week then I care to count.  I guess the answer is to do his evil bidding or suffer the consequences.  Welcome to the wonderful world of the walking toddler. 
      On a side note...this week brought another trip to the pediatrician.  Both boys have been hacking for over a week.  Both coughs seemed to have no end in sight so off to Dr. Phillips we were.  Cody in the car decided he was recovering perfectly, cough cough.  I told him to please tell the doctor how he has been so I don't look stupid.  He reluctantly obliged when I assured there would be no shot involved.  William put on his Mr. Cute routine and I though oh crap another $210.00 down the drain.  Dr. Phillips luckily saw through both boys smoke and mirrors.  The funny part was when he asked me when this all started and I had to go back several weeks to the vomit and fever at Wilson's BBQ to get back to when the cough really started.  I am sure he was thinking get to the point woman!  Anyway Cody had sinus infection and bronchitis while William claimed an ear infection with identical bronchitis.  Two prescriptions for Amoxicillin and several days later we are starting to see health at the end of the tunnel.  I swear we need to just pipe it through our air ducts in a mist as a preventative.  Well tantrum #12 of the day is starting so this is tata for today!  Wishing you health and wealth and a tantrum free afternoon!

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