Friday, April 23, 2010

New Friends

There are two new members to the Chicago and Cast Club Group.  The first is sweet Adelyn.   Adelyn is a sweet 7 month old little angel from Evansville suprisingly enough.  The more ironic part is that Adelyns mom is William's case worker with First Steps of Indiana.  She is in Chicago right now for her first appointment. She will be casted June 10th for the first time.  That will give us all a little time to get her prepared for this new cast world. 
     Our other new friends are Giana, a 3 year old little joy from the Chicago area.  Giana has congenital scoliosis and was casted in Chicago earlier this week.  Her sweet mom has been through so much and without the support many of us had from fellow parents until after this cast.  What a brave family!  Welcome to our new sweet friends! 
       I am so thankful for my Chicago Cast family as well as my wonderful friends from hospitals in St. Louis, Salt Lake City, & Portland.  This process has built a large family of support and comraderie.  What brave little people there are in this group!  Keep our new friends in your thoughts.  The beginning is so unknown and scary.  All the instructions in the world can't prepare you for what will happen.  They will thankfully have the full support of our tight group of Lucky cast parents. 

When we first started this process we felt so alone.  Then a kind word of encouragement turned into lifelong friendships.  There are some in this group who are nearing the finish line of this journey, others of us are taking detours, some are just beginning the race and then there are those of us who are not sure of where we are.  The one thing I can say is thankfully I have my friends to join me for the journey!  Love to all.

Stay Tuned for Next weeks post....Splish Splash he is taking a bath!  Countdown begins! 

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