Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tiny Blessings

This is Drueman!  He is my friend Christina's little guy who is William's age and started casting in St. Louis the same time as our little man.  He went yesterday for cast #3 and they found Drue was at 13 degrees and the doctor chose to put Drue in a brace for now rather than re-cast.  Drue did it!  He went from 40-13 degrees in 2 casts.  He gets a much needed reprieve for the summer.  Little Drue and his precious mommy give us hope.  Hope that casting can work.  Hope that William can achieve the mark as well.  Our journey will be a little longer, but my friend will have the answers when we make it!  YAY DRUEMAN!  Splash away this summer for William!  Swim, bath, and be as carefree as a 17mo can be.  Run and climb for you now have endless room to spread your precious wings.  Someone read my last post....You sent him prayers and you sent us hope!  Keep straight thoughts in your prayers for Drue.  Keep him at 13 or resolve it entirely.  We all deserve a little light in this tunnel!  Hugs to Drue, Hugs to Christina and Jimmy(Mom and Dad), hugs to Tryston and Grace( big brother and sister)! 

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