Friday, November 5, 2010


We are in the countdown to cast off.  12 days until we get our snuggly hugs and splish splash in the bath tub.  I can tell you I am counting the days, but I am definitely apprehensive for the new cast.  A year later and you wonder where the time has gone.  New friends, new casts and the days just spiral into another.  I can honestly tell you I thought we would meet the end of year one and be looking at a new brace.  With that said I think the idea of a brace scares me more than the life we have adjusted to in cast.  Cast life is our normal now.  We know what to do and how to do it. 

Halloween brought lots of smiles in our life.  Hayride at Grandpa's and trick or treating in the wagon.  William was a devil which seems oh to fitting for our little terrible two year old!  I will have to share pics once I get them uploaded.  Our 2nd birthday will come shortly after cast #6.  Too much fun is on the horizon. 

Special Birthdays have been celebrated by so many of our lucky cast friends.  Adelyn and Miss Rylie have turned one in cast!  Such big girls!  Hard to think the babies in our group are growing so quick.  Drue turned two this week and will be followed by Kiya and 3 days later William.  Mr. Dylan is the big 5 now!  It seems they are all growing so fast.  Time moves on and so does the year.  It seems yesterday Cameron and Jackson hit their Big 2 milestone and now they are closer to 3. Each birthday is a celebration of the year they have spent gently correcting rather then a surgery and lengthening!  Celebrating the milestones! 

I am hoping some of our friends will have the chance to post in the next few weeks.  I am feeling a little rundown as mommy's sometimes do.  Sending straight thoughts and big hugs to our lucky cast club friends and family!  See so many of you soon! 

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