Friday, November 12, 2010

A Team with Heart

Some very special football players gave my special little man quite the boost this week. The Bosse Bulldogs invited my little man to their practice before Regional's this weekend.  They are an amazing group of young football players.  The team is small in comparison to the teams they are facing.  11 players on the starting line up with 9 playing both offence and defence.  In the face of adversity they just dig deep and keep on coming.  Last night my sister in law called and said one of the players had written on the play board....For Will.  That is the first time in a long time I had seen my husband tear up. We will be cheering our hearts out tonight as they travel to Indian Creek some 2.5 hours away to play their Regional game....For Will.  No matter the score these guys are our hero's!

There has been alot of talk on some of the chat groups about weird looks and stares at our kids in cast.  I have to say we haven't had this.  Of course some people who notice his cast will ask what happened.  That is normal.  I think if I saw a little kid in a full torso cast I would ask what happened as well.  When you tell them though, they say wow I didn't know little kids can get scoliosis.  These boys have embraced diversity in their play and in Will.  In a nation plagued with bullying kids for their differences it is good to see the good in teenagers.  These are what you would consider the popular kids, the jocks and they have enough heart to take this little guy under their wings.  They have enough compassion to think beyond their need for a win and choose to play for someone other than thereselves.  I am humbled by their gesture.
William, his "football helmet" and lucky bulldog pants!

Our little line backer has one week today left in cast #5.  Wow this last 10 weeks has flown.  If all goes as planned we will be sitting cast free at the Semi-state game next friday night.  We plan to travel next Sunday morning to Chicago for our Tuesday casting.  Sunday if travels are smooth we will be meeting some very special friends in Chicago for Sunday Brunch...or it may be Lunch...ooops sorry guys.  We are so excited about sharing some togetherness with The Miller, Bancsy, Guinta and hopefully the Justl family.  These are some of my girls and the opportunity to see them outside the hospital would be incredible.  PJ totals for the lucky cast club have sky rocketed.  In addition we have some great centers who have received some special deliveries courtesy of some Lucky Cast members.  Liz and Keira delivered 50 pairs of tagged PJ's to Salt Lake City Thursday for Keira's cast number 8!  Great news for is thankfully off the table for now.  28.5 degrees and holding!!!! Way to grow Keira.  We are waiting to here you are back in the Napa Valley safe and sound! 

Each cast these little friends face is like the championship game.  The stakes are high and emotions run thin.  I am going to take my own advice next week and think of this as bringing home the game fast, play hard, play smart....and know you are a winner regardless of the score. 


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