Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April showers and new flowers.

I started this blogpost several times and have had to start over once again.  Before I can tell  you of our clubs joy this week, I need to share a special story.  Our sweet friend and LCC member Kaity will undergo decompression surgery April 29, 2011 to reduce a chiari formation.  Sweet little Kaity will be in surgery for 4-5 hours and then spend approximately 5 days in Childrens Hospital of Detroit.  We are requesting prayers for our special friend and her dear sweet family.  In the Lucky Cast Club we share each others triumphs but we also share in each others pain.  God has a special plan for each of our children and we are waiting to see what he reveals in their lives.  Kaity and her family have shared their journey with us and we are all better having them in our lives.  But for the grace of God goes anyone of us.  We will be praying around the clock for Kaity's safe keeping and invite you to do the same. 

Saturday started out as any other cast off day.  What could have been ordinary turned to extraordinary.  We were determined not to have the trepidation that came with last cast off, so we talked to William about cast off day for a week.  Each time we would share that he had outgrown his old cast and it would be time for a new one.  We would end with a game of what color we are going to get.  William for some time was set that Pink would be his new color.  It has since changed, but I was determined if he wanted pink he would get it.  Ok so back to the story, William has known about cast off day and as everyday seems to be a birthyday in our house, he decided it was going to be a party.  What started out as a simple dinner with our family grew to a dinner party with cupcakes by 3 p.m. which left me 2.5 hours to plan a menu, bake, & clean house.  He loved the day and we are convinced this will remain a tradition.  Next time including EVERYONE who wants to join us.  The funny thing is I had grown resentful of cast off day.  To me it meant another trip to Chicago, readjustment and possible loss of correction.  It took William to show us that we needed to celebrate the past and prepare for our future. 
William was straight coming out of his cast, completely straight. This hasn't happened since cast #1.  He is starting to regress, but I am still hopeful we are holding in the 20's.  PLEASE let us be in the 20's. 

Moving on to our other friends.  Massi is enjoying Florida and most importantly Disney this week.  Tracy, his mommy, has done an amazing job juggling incast actvities and the taboos of casting such as water with Massi and her other two boys.  She posted last night a funny post about the Disney signs that read "Cast Members Only".  Her husband mentioned that Massi should be eligible for those rooms!  Too funny.  We think Massi should get the special baskstage pass as well!  Safe travels home we hope you had a magical time in the happiest place on earth! 

William shared a cast off weekend with two other great friends.  Giana came out of cast on Saturday with William.  She was able to enjoy a bubble bath including swim goggles with her sweet big sister Rylee!  Hooray for Giana.  We love you and can't wait to see you next week.  Cody is looking forward to having another sibling to play with on Tuesday, I wonder if Shriners is ready for Cody and Rylee though. 

The Justl Family had so many blessing this week.  Sweet Kiya had her first cast off at home on Sunday.  Miss Kiya was treated to a very special bubble bath from her mommy.  Another blast of good news from the Justl family came this morning in her families blog post.  Miss Kiya and her parents have started the process of adopting her sibling.  We are anxiously awaiting the news of a special delivery from South Korea.  Whether it's next month or next year, the Lucky Cast Club has more room for fabulous siblings!  We are overjoyed at your good news. 

As a final cast off for our Tuesday casting, Super Hero Jack will come out of his cast today!  We are sending strength, joy and love to the Miller family as they cast off #7 and join us for #8.  Although we don't know what each cast day will bring, the constant will always be love.  Cast day will bring the love of family and the love of your friends.  It is said the greatest of all gifts my friend, is Love. 

Sweet Adelyn will join two new families April 21st.  We are sending strength and love to our sweet Adelyn and her mommy and daddy as they enter this appointment.  Adelyn has been in a brace for several months.  We are praying for you and your sweet girl!  I mentioned they would share this day with two new families.  Katrina and her daughter Grace have their first appointment with Dr. Hammerberg this same day.  We are praying for your sweet Grace as you learn more about her treatment plan.  We are all here for you.  Another sweet family joining the Lucky Cast Club is Diana and her sweet boy Max.  Max is 9 months old and will get his first cast on April 21st.  We are sending his family all the love and support we have so they can make it through this emotionally draining day.  Max is going to do great and we know with the incredible family he has they will all adjust to this new life. 

I am going to finally quit my babbling with a funny story.  William has been telling us about the letter that is hurting him.  He loves scrabble Cheezits so I assumed he had a cheezit stashed in his cast for later.  I flossed with a panty hose and had no results. He has been insistant for several weeks the Letter hurt him but I kept assuring him there was no cheezits in his cast.  As Chad took him out of his cast and I picked him up I saw what he was going on about...a foam letter T was attached to his chest under the cast.  I was video taping the cast off process and as Chad and I went back and watched, at the end of about 1 minute 30 seconds of taping, William mentioned the letter coming off.  We didn't pay any attention to it and kept cutting.  I guess next time I will pay closer attention to what is hurting him.  Beware the Letters that lurk in the dark, they aren't all innocent! 

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