Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

I have always tried very hard to be super sensitive to the beliefs of others.  In our world, scoliosis doesn't care what religion you are.  It doesn't care if you are religious at all as a matter of fact.  Our extended family is a blend of so many religions and beliefs.  We are Catholic, Jewish, Atheist, Agnostic, Baptist, Pentecostal, & Christian.  I was raised Catholic and very open to all beliefs.  Today however, I am focused on sweet Mary, the mother of Jesus.  I believe her story of today resonates more with me and with all of the religions in my family then any other.  I weep when I think of what she must have felt, watching her beloved son suffer so unmercifully and die on the cross.  It doesn't matter what religious faith you are or if you believe in the end that he arose from the dead to free us from our sins, because anyone who is a parent can put themselves in Mary's shoes.  The loss, the fear, the faith she must have had to endure what was happening.

Our Jewish family is celebrating Passover this week.  Passover is the observance of the Israelites freedom from slavery.  They also had to have blind faith in a higher power to endure the plague that was sent upon Egypt and to follow Moses to the promised land.  

Our children aren't being nailed to a cross or witnessing plague and devastation to their land, but they are enduring trials that to their little lives and ours are huge.  I am drawing from the lessons of what happened long ago to find strength to endure whatever comes our way next week.  I believe there is a greater plan for not just our childrens lives but our lives as well.  Mary endured because she knew through her amazing faith that her son's life was meant to do something bigger than we all could comprehend.  I am going to try to use her example to make a difference.  I am going to try to have the same blind faith to trust in the bigger plan. 

I would like to send Easter Blessings & Passover Blessings to all our friends and family. 

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