Friday, August 12, 2011

A link between Infantile Scoliosis and sudden onset bi-polar in parents?

In the last two years I have experienced an number of sudden Highs and Lows in my emotional state.  As parents of children with Infantile Scoliosis we are constantly looking for a link between our child's scoliosis and other conditions that may be contributing factors.  I believe in the process I have found a trigger for another more serious condition I like to call parental sudden onset bi-polar.  Traditional bi-polar is caused by a chemical imbalance that causes severe highs and lows which alternate slowly and can last for an extended period of time in either a manic or depressive state if left unregulated.  The Parental Sudden onset Bi-Polar is also associated with severe highs and lows, but they are much more rapid and you may experience both the high and low all in the same day.  The best therapy for this condition is a good laugh, a good cry and an amazing group of friends to share one or all of these with. 
           In all seriousness it is not the journey you are on but the people who you are on the journey with that make so much of this bearable.  Whether you are starting with your first cast or on cast number 20 it is truly a lonely process if you are not surrounded by others traversing this same path.  This week I have had time to focus on the friends who make our journey less ordinary and more extraordinary.  The list of families has grown to the point where I wouldn't dare try to list the families who help on a daily basis for fear I would leave someone out, but you know who you all are.  One of my low points recently was looking at the images of our friends x-rays and realizing there is no way William is at the number we were given at our last casting.  The Neurotic mom in me pulled out my 4th graders compass and possessed me to attempt to measure the curve on my own.  Yes I am now an unemployed self trained Orthopedic Surgeon as well as stay at home mom and resident Lucky Cast Club lunatic.  It wasn't a proud moment, but did give me some clarity.  I am not sure whose xray they measured when they gave us William's number but I am very happy for that family and still happy for our family.  Although I am fairly positive William's number were not as good as originally thought, I believe he did see some marked correction from his last cast.  I also came to the conclusion the number doesn't matter.  This process is a big roulette wheel and until the ball lands on the stop we are going ahead as planned. 
       It is our job as Lucky Cast Club families to empathize, support, inspire and carry our friends in good times and bad.  I have seen such wonderful cases of this in my time in casting.  I have seen friends offer a hello, prayer or praise in times where life seems normal.  I have seen these families act like protective parents when we are faced with adversity or tyrants.  I have also seen many of us shed a tear of joy and sorrow when a fellow Lucky Cast Club family faces a new path or troubling diagnosis.  The amazing part of these families is the love they have for children that aren't their own.  When you can't walk they are there to carry you.  So maybe I am a little off with my new diagnosis but I am certain of the treatment...all it takes is a few good friends, a good cocktail, lots of love and the support of so many others. 

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