Thursday, August 25, 2011

What money can't buy...

Wow I am a blogging fool this week.  I am not sure the last time I have blogged this much, but there are to many thoughts running around in my head to not get them out somewhere.  The Cast Mom's discussion this week has been full of activity.  The general consensus of the group is Scoliosis Sucks.  I know that doesn't sound like an incredibly profound thought but truly is the most honest emotion you can feel at times. 

I had a wonderful dream last night.  We won the Lottery.  It was such an amazing feeling to have financial independence.  So many things changed in our immediate future.  The daily strain of keeping up with the rat race was gone.  The only thing we had to keep up with was our own potential.  We started construction on our new home not to far from town that I would get tired of the daily drive, just far enough to feel the joy of the seclusion.  College funds were arranged for all our nieces and nephews and our family all lived in homes that were paid off.  No new cars for us, our old ones worked just fine.  The Lucky Cast Club was a fully funded non-profit and no need was to small or large for it's members.  Chicago Shriners had an endowment that would build a special casting unit for our little friends and Gwen and Linda were still the heart of that program.  As a little splurge of sorts, we purchased our dream summer home on Crescent Beach and spent June, July & August surrounded by the soothing of the shore.  Wait, that won't work, William will still be in his cast.  I woke up and realized there really is some things money can't buy...

I can completely relate to all the families who have dealt with the Scoliosis Sucks moments.  It sucks whether you are in cast or in a brace.  There is a constant state of worry if they are going to gain correction or if they are going to hold the correction in brace.  These families will worry until their kid's have finally reached the adult years.  Growth is a wonderful thing unless you have infantile scoliosis.  With Infantile Scoliosis growth is the catalyst to the curve.  You are going to have those moments my friends.  It is only natural.  What I find extraordinary is the compassion we each feel when we have these.  The Lucky Cast Club families are fabulous! 

We are closing this week with record numbers.  5 new casts, 2 new families in Chicago today, 2 brace checks, & 1 family adding another brace to their lives.  We have bound together to help each other through dark days, offered support to new families in search of answers, created moments our kids will all hopefully remember, & not allowed scoliosis to rob us of the joy our kids have to offer.  When I look at the families I have surrounded myself with, the simple ways they have brightened my days I have won the lottery after all.  The friend lottery. 

I promise no more posts this week! 

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