Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Listening to the Inner Angst.

I woke this morning with an unsettled feeling.  I initially thought maybe it was something simple the fact I left the laundry in the dryer overnight or the lack of breakfast food in the cupboard.  A fluff cycle and the discovery of frozen waffles in the back of the freezer solved both of those so I knew it was something else, but what?  Grocery shopping immediately following drop off, forgot the Italian bread crumbs and lost my price match Buy Low ad before reaching the check out.  What the hell is wrong with me today.  It took the car ride home to realize today is the day our friends the Morrison's head back to Salt Lake City.  This was what was weighing heavy on my heart. 
        I have talked about our friends many times before but I want to tell you why I love them so much.  Liz is my no nonsence keep it real girl.  She is not afraid to call me on my neurotic behavior or point out when I am being a total drama queen.  She is my go to girl for sarcasm and will lift my spirits with one of her what the heck were they thinking emails when someone else is doing any of the above.  Liz and Clay are incredible parents and are always looking at the joy in the moments rather then reaching for the moments of joy.  They travel from Napa California to Salt Lake City for their daughters treatment.  They advocate for Keira like no other and forge forward when faced with discouraging news.  With all this said I was reduced to a blubbering pile of crap after their last trip to Salt Lake City.  They were given news that their oldest daughter also has scoliosis and would need a brace.  It was caught early and they are taking action rather then waiting but in my mind it simply wasn't fair. 
      Yes, I know there is nothing fair in the Scoliosis world.  None of our kids have an easy road and yes there are other families who have multiple children dealing with health related issues.  The problem, this is my friend.  She is my rock and although I try with all my might to be the source of support for others I feel I am failing miserably with being her support.  I don't want Keira to have to go back into a cast in October and I certainly don't want Meg to have to start wearing the stinking brace and have scoliosis after she has seen her sister go through this process for the past years. 
       Today I am writing so you too can think of my friends.  Lift them up in your prayers, manifest positive energy their way and reflect on their journey.  Liz & Darrell were my friends when I felt lost, new and alone.  We were the "Out-CASTS" together and I want nothing but good things for their families.  If wishing & prayer alone could change an outcome they would be golden right now.  Liz if you are reading this, I need an attitude adjustment when you get home.  I am taking this blog thing and using it for my own benefit. 

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