Monday, October 11, 2010

Cast check and meeting new friends

We took Kiya to Shriner's today to meet with Dr. Hammerberg for a post cast check up. The good news is cast is doing great, Kiya is doing great and there are no cast sores or signs of skin break down.

It was a long day. Our appointment was at 11 and we didn't see Dr. H until closer to 12 and then we went to say hi to Gwen and ran into Robert too so that was nice.

The definite highlights of the day were meeting some of our Lucky Cast friends. We able to meet Gianna, Rylie and Makenna (well sort of since she was sleeping with her fabulous new brace on.). We have some amazing kids here. It was great to see Rylie moving all over, Gianna just being a kid and Makenna getting ready for her new path with her brace.

It was also great to be able to give big hugs to the Mom's that have gotten me through this journey so far. The videos that Sarah and Amy have sent to me have been beyond amazing. I can now wash Kiya's hair with no issues at all and we feel confident that we can cut the cast off by ourselves.  On top of the practical stuff, they really show cased just how amazing and resilient these kids are with their casts on.  It gave me hope.

The only downside of the day was that we missed Adelyn and Massi. Our appointment ran so late that they had left already. Bummer :(  Hopefully our paths will cross at a future appointment date.

So next up for us is cast cut off early December and then back to Shriner's for cast #2 on Dec. 14th.

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