Friday, October 15, 2010

Farewell Dr. Sturm

Today I am getting misty eyed as I realize this is Dr. Sturm's last day at Chicago Shriners.  His decision to leave Chicago has brought so much anxiety to his loyal fan base.  I can say for our family we are going to miss his familiar manner and tough exterior.  He has taken our son's care head on and has given us such hope for his future.  We know we are going to be in great hands with Dr. Hammerberg.  He is a gifted and kind man who has shown a great devotion to our children and families already! 

Moving forward...The Lucky Cast Club family will soon expand as we offer our outstretched hands to new families who will be casted at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.  Our hearts are big and our resources will soon grow to include these new families.  The PJ project has so many families and centers we need to benefit.  If we can surpass our orginal goal of 150 then we can send our beautiful PJ's with information cards to Salt Lake City, Cincinnati and St. Louis.  To achieve this on a small scale we will need a minimum of 150 additional pairs.  I think this is very achievable.  EVERY family has been accepting donations from family and friends.  It is sooo exciting to see the wonderful response we have received in just a few short weeks.  Keep them coming.  Their are so many kiddos and families we can reach with one small gesture.  Love you Lucky Cast Friends!  

Lucky Cast Friends Top Left: Makenna, Giana, Jackson
Middle: Rylie and Massimo
Bottom Left: William, Adelyn & Kiya

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  1. Hello, It's so great to find out about you and Dr. Sturm. In a matter of days, Dr. Sturm will be doing the casting procedure on our son. During our first and only appointment, I learned that he had just moved to Cincinnati. After some research, I realized how blessed we are that he is now here and our son can have this done so quickly. Thank you for giving us, the parents just starting the casting journey, so such wonderful and informative tool.