Saturday, October 2, 2010

Exciting Updates from the Lucky Cast Club!

The Lucky Cast Club finally has a new logo thanks to my cousin Adrienne and fabulous new Authors joining the ranks.  We created this blog almost a year ago to showcase the lives of our friends in casting.  I have tried to keep up with what is happening to others, but who better to tell their stories than our friends themselves. 

So many exciting updates to our little club.  My last post went from cast day to dreaming and dreaming is turning to reality.  We will have some very fun fundraising firsts in the next month!  The new logo will be available in shirts for family and friends to show their support for our little casters.  Shirts can be customized to show your relationship to a cast friend.  The little casters shirts will have their names on them as well as Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Brother, Sister, Grandma, Grandpa, Cousin, & Friend!  Money raised through the shirt sale will go to print parent packs & photo books for casting centers.  In addition to the shirts we will also offer car window decals that will either say Friend or Family.  What a great way to show support and raise awareness. 

As a fun project for our Lucky Cast Club families we are going to all host a PJ drive for our casting centers.  We will be collecting new Pajama's to take to our centers for our fall/winter cast dates!  Each PJ will  have a special tag that says With Love, The Lucky Cast Club.  Watch your friends on facebook for information on where to drop off your PJ's!  

We still have an uphill battle to achieve our charitable fund status, but it is attainable.  We will spread joy and dream big in the meantime.  So many things to still achieve in the name of the Lucky Cast Club....Bedside DVD players, Carseats, & most importantly a Cast Club retreat for families to get together!  They will all happen with a little hope and a lot of perserverance. 

Keep watching for new friends to join the posts!  The invites were all sent we will see who else you can meet.  I know they will feel welcome by all who read.  Love to All! 

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