Saturday, October 9, 2010

Life is better with the love of friends

We have two more little casters who are joining our "Fun Raising" through the Lucky Cast Club. Welcome to Massimo and Rylie! Massimo is the son of my friend Tracy.  Sweet Massi will get cast #2 on Monday and be joined by several of our lucky cast friends.  Massi is the light of his families eye and Lucky #3 for his family.  We are sooo sorry we will not get the chance to meet them this cast date, but we are planning to touch base with this amazing family hopefully in November.  Welcome Massi and Family to our Family. 

Sweet Rylie will be celebrating her first birthday in a few short weeks.  She is such a ray of hope to her Mom, Dad, and big brothers.  Rylie is such a little super star.  She is barely 2 weeks into her first cast and wowing us all.  We will be lucky enough to meet Rylie and her family at her second casting November 23rd.  Keep on dazzling sweet girl!  You are inspiring all of us! 

I am reflecting on the numbers of new families that have joined us since our first post.  It seems we started this journey scared and somewhat lonely.  In what will be a year October 17th, our hearts have grown beyond our wildest dreams.  We now have a larger family of friends, a brand new website, so many fun things planned for these families to look forward to.  In addition the year has seen several special Lucky Cast Friends meet their casting goals and move forward to new milestones in bracing.  BIG HUGS to Drueman, Max, & Makenna.  We are anxiously waiting to learn from your new adventures.  Sweet Keira was lucky enough to get a funfilled summer cast free as well.  We love you Keira and family.  We are praying this will be Keira's last return to casting. 

A final thought for our dear friend Dylan.  Dylan recently started Kindergarten and will be getting his new cast put on next week.  He is not wanting another cast.  He wants to be like his friends.  I am tearing up as I write this.  Dylan's family has changed and improved the lives of so many.  His video's showing his dad changing his undershirt to keep his skin clean has been embraced by his casting center and has allowed other families the courage to do the same.  His wonderful Dry suit showed others summer still has possibilities you just have to dream them.  The beloved shower vest we use was Sweet Dylan's families creation.  It came parcel post direct from Canada with a ton of hope for our stinky boy. I know it's not easy when you feel different from your friends.  I just want you to know there are a ton of little friends who look up to you.  You are the trendsetter in our little Cast Club.   We are sending HUGS and KISSES and HOPE to Salt Lake City with you this trip.  You our friend ROCK! 

To all our friends: To the world you may just be one person, but to one person you may be the world.  You each are the world to us! 

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