Friday, February 11, 2011

Moving On...Moving Up...Moving Over

So it's my weekly Friday routine, breakfast with mom, light housekeeping, William's quiet time and mom's down time to work on Lucky Cast Club.  I have had this same routine for many months and enjoy the tranquility of it's simplicity.  Inspiration this week has come in many forms.  At home I have been inspired by my family.  The boys have kept me on my toes this week.  Monday started very early a.m. with William crying and coming to our bed and then peppering me with a rapid fire of requests at an unseemly time of the morning.  I responded with " Well this is a heck of a birthday morning." William then began sweetly repeating Happy Birthday Mommy, over and over.  This made up for any hard feelings I had towards the early hour.  Another sweet moment this week was when Chad made mention of reading my blog.  I know this sounds silly, but it really added wind to my sail.  My husband, lifelong partner and friend, read my blog without me directing him to.  It's once again the little things in life I am in awe of. 

So on to the Moving on, Moving up and Moving Over...The Lucky Cast Club has added many new friends in the past few weeks.  Tania and Courtney have joined us with their little ones newly in casts from Dr. Sturm in Cincinnati.  Our old friend and surgeon has touched two new little lives.  We are working with these families to enhance other families experience at the newest casting center to our group.  Parent Packs have been ordered and will be deliverred to their center along with pajamas to welcome all new casting families.  I have included a video produced by Cincinnati Children's Hospital to introduce casting to their community.  I hope you enjoy meeting Courtney and her family as much as we have.
We are expecting big things to come from Cincinnati and are all here to give support in any form needed. 

Another new friend has joined us from Greenville Shriners Hospital.  Amanda and her little one Logan found our group through our webpage.  Greenville Shriners has been one of the original casting centers and has had great success treating many families.  We are packing up PJ's to send to Amanda for her center as well.  A Big Lucky Cast Club Welcome to Amanda, her family, & the entire Greenville Shriners Casting community. 

With new families comes new zest.  It takes a dose of what are you doing to get the creative juices going again.  The Lucky Cast Club has reached one milestone through their winter PJ drive.  PJ's were sent to many casting centers with personalized tags sending love and encouragement to new families.  Well it's time again to spread the Fun and host our Spring "Fun" raiser for our casting centers.  We have found from watching friends the key to a calming pre-op routine is a portable dvd player and favorite dvd's.  William and Kiya both sat on their beds enjoying their favorites this past cast time while Gwen took BP's, temperatures, and pulse ox without to much fight out of these feisty two year olds.  Something so simple can bring so much calm...time to spread the love!  The Spring DVD drive is now underway.  All Lucky Cast Club members will be collecting new or used children's DVD's and Portable DVD players.  I am hoping through collections and even some great friends who are soliciting donations from local electronic retailers(Thank you Tracy) we will be able to provide each center with at least 2  DVD players(hopefully more) and books of childrens dvds to help pass the time. 

Many of our little friends have been sitting in limbo and need a boost with prayer to help them move over obstacles and illness.  The winter flu and other illness has kept many of our friends out of cast for weeks and for others months.  Please offer these friends up in prayer.  I have prayed for some time that they get back in their protective coatings, but recently thanks to a good friend have realized I am praying selfishly.  God has his plan for each of our children so if they have been out then it has been his plan for them to be so.  I am now praying to see the beauty in each day they are out, embrace the time they have been given to live simply, and not fear the return to what must be. 

Happy Valentine's Day
Lucky Cast Club!

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